💜 I'm sorry you're stressed and hurting. I'm really not trying to add to it. You have to believe that missy. All I wanna do is take you away from all that worry and pain and anxiety and help you be whole again. I love you

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I want that with you God and my beautiful Bonnie to my Clyde. God you helped me so far. I cannot be more thankful enough to you. My faith is still not perfect but I do listen and talk to you sincerely from my heart

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His mouth formed into a grin as he gazed at the trembling girl kneeling before him. "Not if the seed is destroyed with it." He swiped the blade over the girls neck, letting her body crumble to the floor.~Emi

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She is completely unexplainable. You think she's the good girl, but once you get to know her, you realize she is everything. She is crazy, she is funny, she is honest, and you never know what she will do next ♥

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found by hedviggen ⚓️ on pinterest | so true | words | affirmations | motivation | reminder | positive | helper | last saying | sprüche | zitate | quotes | focus | inspiration | words to live by Own your today.

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