Every girl should have a glitter photo shoot.

Every little girl should have a glitter photo shoot. (Heck, I'm a big girl and I need a glitter photo shoot!)~For Simone, but with purple glitter instead~J

cute concept.

Take a picture every season - spring, summer, fall, winter - the first year of your marriage and hang in a four square frame. Such a sweet idea! Could do this with children too.


The LAST thing I need is more picture posing Ideas~ 50 Portrait Ideas Posing Guide.

Cute Christmas photo idea

Kaylee + Bobby: A Newlywed Christmas

cute first Christmas photo ideas or winter engagement. couple with colored Christmas lights wrapped around them in yard beside tree kissing, some day :)

Simple steps for beginner to do a clean edit in Photoshop Elements. | Everyday Elements

Fix under-eye circles by doing a blank layer, use the eyedropper to sample skin near the under-eye circle then use the brush to brush that color on the circles. Lower the layer opacity to suit. I do this all the time.