So unbelievably true! - I was just wondering... Does anyone else get road rage from pushing a cart through walmart or is it just me???

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: I was just wondering . Does anyone else get road rage from pushing a cart through Walmart . or is it just me?

meanwhile at walmart.....

wrong on so many levels! Spongebob Squarepants Tank Top - Stay Classy People of Walmart - Funny Pictures at Walmart

Things you find at Walmart…

Things you find at Walmart…

Funny pictures about Things you find at Walmart. Oh, and cool pics about Things you find at Walmart. Also, Things you find at Walmart.

So you guys are lucky they had the adult cart seats or id probably ride in the cart like this at the grocery store

Only in Walmart

Meanwhile, in Walmart. - Kid sleeping with his head on the ground laying under the shopping cart of an old lady.Only at WalMart

Meanwhile at Walmart…

Meanwhile at Walmart…

have you ever felt just so damn fine that you had to pose in front of some cheese? (Note to self. do not buy cheese at never know who's ASS has been on it.

Meanwhile at Walmart

Meanwhile at Walmart (29 photos)

walmart people Meanwhile at Walmart. Did they just climb out the stupid windows or something? There must not have been ANY parking spots left at all in the whole parking lot!

This cracks me up... and I kind of want to go play it right now. thats it..I'm printing 3 boards, who is coming with me?!

This would be a FUN date night ;-) It would definitely make for a funny and interesting night! having worked at walmart in the past for years.I have NO doubt that it won't take TOO long for one of us to win :) so sad! Our walmart is boooooring!

Meanwhile at Walmart..

this guy

Meanwhile at Walmart. I don't know what disturbs me more. The fact that he's wearing a Cookie Monster crop top or the fact that he's got an entire shopping cart full of cookies and he's contemplating getting more. Like he is literally the Cookie Monster.

Wow Walmart...

Can You Count On Your Fingers? Three Hands Express Lane at Walmart - Sign Fail: I think walmart is trying to make this sign very clear for those people that can

Funny People Of Walmart - Pic 9 also like how walmart is mis spelled!

Ponchos and Bath Towels at Walmart Fashion Fail: You know you're at walmart when you see a guy wearing a bath towel poncho.

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