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This awesome apartment is located in Camden, London. Who cares if it’s tiny, it looks amazing with this bed hanging in the air!


The nicest finishes and use of space I have ever seen in a tiny house. The kitchen is not in the middle, and the window sill coffee bar is great. Beautiful bathroom too!

Creative storage solution for RV Glamper beds that lift - redo under bed box with external storage compartments to allow easy access for books, shoes, etc... when bed is closed, while still retaining bulk storage under the bed. Add sliding doors to contai

10. Live Large in a Small Space

Woodsy wallpaper instantly creates the illusion of a less-claustrophobic space. Source: Jonny Valiant

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

A clever use of contrast can add drama to even the tiniest space. Here, an ebony vanity makes a striking statement against creamy neutral walls and accessories. Boxy sconces echo the shape of the vanilla sink and the sheen of the stainless-steel fixtures. The shelves below, which are ideal for displaying towels, smartly incorporate shallow drawers for toiletries and cosmetics.

DIY Bathroom Storage Solutions

DIY Bathroom Storage Solutions Carve out more space in even the tiniest bathroom -- no remodeling required!