Royal Wedding

Princess Mia is getting married! But she's dueling Grandmère over the style of the event. (Royal Wedding, the new Princess Diaries novel, will be available in June 2015!)
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Wedding cake, Grandmere's choice

Enchanted forest wedding cake with amazing detail. Not a huge fan of black & white wedding cakes but this is beautifully made and just looks amazing.

Wedding cale, Lilly's choice

another square idea Young except it would just be easier to stick with cupcakes but I like the top of the cake being square and the holder thing

Mia's mom's choice.

rather than silver dragees. would be nice with lace/pearls Elegant Wedding Cake with Silver Dragees Borders

Wedding cake, Grandmere's choice

Attractive White Wedding Cake Decorating Idea With Black White Cream Heart Accents - Use J/K to navigate to previous and next images

Wedding cake, Grandmere's choice

Sylvia Weinstock Picture credited Brian Dorsey Sylvia Weinstock cakes Since this week, Tuesday's fact was about "Wedding cake" I thoug.

Wedding cake, Lana's choice

Beautiful Royal Purple Wedding Cakes In Purple Themed Wedding Beautiful Purple Wedding Cake – Wedding Cake Ideas

Michael and Mia's choice.

For my customers who have grooms who love hunting, but still want a classy cake! Deer Wedding Cake Topper - The Hunt is Over - browning - shabby chic- redneck - cowboy - outdoor - western - acrylic - rustic by SugarBeeEtching on Etsy

Groom's cake, chosen by members of Skinner Box

Miller Light Groom's Cake - Thanks to SweetResults, and all others that posted in the beer bottle thread. This cake came out better than I thought. Sugar beer bottles and ice. Chocolate dipped strawberries too.

Groom's cake, chosen by members of Skinner Box

New York Yankees Cake Grooms Cake on top of baseball goes bride n groom. Where dates r put engaged n married dates.

Groom's cake, Michael's choice

Our groom's guests weren't sure if this was a cake or dinner.great groom's cake for a pizza lover! Cakes by Graham // More than Just the Icing on the Cake