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10 Ways to Use Ginger in Witchcraft - Moody Moons

Versatile, powerful and beautifully fragrant, ginger's use in witchcraft, its magical properties and its metaphysical benefits make this fiery spice must-have in any practitioners cabinet. Take a look at the list below for some creative ideas on how to use this powerful ingredient to "heat up" your magical practice!

Mermaid Oil

Mermaid oil, (aka “ocean potion”) is a ritual oil specifically used in sea witch magic to evoke the Element of … More

Reiki is a Japanese term that translates to “life force energy”. Reiki uses universal energy to heal your mind, body, and spirit. I am a Certified Reiki Healer. My ability to see your Aura.

Healing Properties of Gemstones - Earth and Moon Design

Discover the healing properties of gemstones used in our handcrafted jewelry designs; power and beauty in harmony.

Magical Moon Gardens and Growing by the Lunar Phases

I love the Moon AND my garden, and growing anything is linked with Luna and her phases. Keep on reading to learn more about magical moon gardens and...

Crystals of Luck Set - crystal set for luck - Crystals for Luck Set

Top 8 Healing Gemstones for Men | Life Changing Crystals and Their Healing Properties

The top 5 healing gems for calamity Charoite is a gorgeous purple gemstone that is also dubbed the gem of Transformation. It can connect the wearer to the divine source and help fight compulsions and obsessions. It can help fight negative energies such as anger and fear as well.

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Summon Your Courage

As I emerge from the shadows,I remember my brilliance,I summon my courage,and I begin anew. This last week was a strange one for me. I felt largely distracted from my blog which usually brings me such joy and inspiration. I am so grateful that I had committed awhile back to using Timothy Price's image for…

Crystals For The New Moon

Six crystals for the New Moon Phase. These are my top crystals for New Moon for intentions, ceremonies, manifesting, letting go or starting a new project...

A Card Spread for Eclipse Season | Zenned Out

Wiccan Witch on Instagram: “Do you have a garden? Or would you like to have one? I have a small one

6,972 Likes, 61 Comments - Wiccan Witch〡Lidia Pradas (@wiccantips) on Instagram: “Do you have a garden? Or would you like to have one? I have a small one but I wish I had more time…”

Arts Therapy E-News. Grounding for Anxiety or Meditation ~ awesome Expressive Arts Therapy E-News. Grounding for Anxiety or Meditationawesome Expressive Arts Therapy E-News. Grounding for Anxiety or Meditation Relation D Aide, Grounding Exercises, Art Therapy Activities, Coping Skills Activities, Mental Health Activities, Mental Health Counseling, Counseling Activities, Therapy Tools, Therapy Ideas

First Love Yourself Most - Vision Boards-tiny colorful tools for coping

I love vision boards. They are fun to look at and an awe-inspiring little punch of goodness. They are a quick go to when you need a little push, they can be saved, pinned or even printed to keep where you will see them often. This may even entice you to make your own vision boards. I would love to

 Blue Quartz, Amethyst and Snowflake Obsidian healing crystals. Hiding them in my brother s room.

Itchy Witch

“There is no art in turning a goddess into a witch, a virgin into a whore, but the opposite operation, to give dignity to what has been scorned, to make the degraded desireable, that calls for art or for character.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Thulite Polished Necklace Pendant - Drilled Stone Jewelery - Teardrop Rock Bead Healing - Gemstone Emotional Healing, Life Force, Nurturing

Emotional Healing • Life Force • Nurturing Beautiful drilled and polished gemstone pendants. These thulite pendants are smooth and shiny, without sharp edges. Due to the simple minimalist look, this pendant fits with any outfit. The pendant is unisex and also suitable for children. You can choose if you want a leather cord in brown or black. Thulite affirmation: "What I have experienced does not determine who I am." ❀ Thulite ❀ Thulite, also called rosalite, is a pink variant of the stone…

Chakra: Root and Sacral

Crystal Tip: Irritability

Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Crystal Tip from Crystal Guidance Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Thanks to Jen for all of the hard work that she does in order to help and educate others. If you are still not familiar with her page, please hop over,…

We Offer the Worlds Largest Assortment of Metaphysical Healing Crystals, Minerals & Gemstone Jewelry

Lilac Lepidolite Wire Wrap Pendant

We Offer the Worlds Largest Assortment of Metaphysical Healing Crystals, Minerals & Gemstone Jewelry

Crystal Properties and Meanings Lilac Lepidolite: Lepidolite contains lithium which relieves stress and anxiety, stimulates the flow of joy, peace, serenity and love, creates a divine connection to enhance meditation and brings emotional healing.

Lepidolite Aids Emotional Healing See Healing Properties Meaning & Use

Lepidolite contains lithium which aids anxiety & stress & helps grief and loss, brings emotional healing & peace. Enhances meditation & creates a Divine connection, brings peace & serenity.