DIY party lights!

Ping Pong Ball Lights

The phonetic alphabet. Use it! Don't make up your own.

With more tech help moving overseas, and everyone needing your information before you can proceed with the call, this is a must!

I think it's appropriate

Funny? | T-Shirt

If I wore this, people would stop laughing at me and start punching me. But it would be worth it.

DIY Stenciled Mason Jar Candle Holder Christmas Lights Instruction - DIY Christmas Mason Jar Lighting #Craft Ideas

12 DIY Christmas Mason Jar Lighting Craft Ideas [Picture Instructions]

DIY Stenciled Mason Jar Candle Holder Christmas Lights Instruction - DIY Mason Jar Lighting Ideas More

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POTATO Into Fries Tank Top, Black with White Print

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This is so good. I think a lot of times we tell ourselves stories and lies to help get us through instead of facing the reality of what's really happening.

just got an interesting phone call.someone looking into the other woman.the plot thickens.wonder how many men are being used.wonder how much my husband is aware of.

He's watching you.

The time he got a little bit too close to your family...

Vintage Window Potting Table

Vintage Window Potting Table--seems a little too nice to throw dirt on, but most used tables wouldn't be that nice I suppose.

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