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I don't see why these are only tips for women. Sounds like these are good for all people, men and women. Except maybe the one about your yearly gyno appointment. ;) Guys maybe you can substitute in to see your proctologist yearly (after a certain age).


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Waterproof Books
Notes Waterproof
Waterproof Notepad
Aqua Notes
Shower Notes
Can'T Recall
Ideas Flowing
Dollar Ideas
Ideas Happen

Don't you hate it when you have the best idea in the shower, and can't recall it when you step out the door four minutes later? Us neither, however, if your creativity knows no bounds, then some Aqua Notes should help you keep the ideas flowing once the water is turned off.


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Tree Baskets
Hang Baskets
Store Baskets
Baskets Hmmm
Baskets Going
Hanging Laundry Baskets
Dollar Baskets
Laundry Basket Ideas
Baskets Easy

To organize socks in the laundry room or small toys in a kids closet. S hooks and dollar tree baskets.


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Snack Bags

I need these!!!

Brooke's blog: Portion Control Baggies!

29 uses for baking soda beyond baking.
from POPSUGAR Smart Living


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29 uses for baking soda beyond baking.

34 Uses For Baking Soda Other Than Baking

from Twitter

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Static Hair
The Brush

This is probably the most ingenious thing I have ever read/heard. How to get rid of staticy hair

Twitter / BestProAdvice:

from Design Dazzle

Hot Pink And Black Zebra Bedroom

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Zebra Bedrooms
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Made with 3 cheap mirrors. I need to make this!

Hot Pink And Black Zebra Bedroom! - Design Dazzle

from BuzzFeed

31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas

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31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas - I don't like all the alcoholic ones, lol

31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas

Summer List
Summer To Do List For Teens
Summer Time
Summer Vacation
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Awesome Bucket
Best Bucket List
Evan Nickel
Summer Stuff

Best Summer Bucket List for Teens - Evan Nickel

Best Summer Bucket List for Teens - Evan Nickel

Storing Shoes
Awesome Shoe
Shoe Storage Benches
Storage Ottoman Bench
Entryway Shoe Storage
Bed Bench
Shoe Bench
Small Closets
Shoe Organizer

Shoe storage ottoman bench

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