Auburn Wins the Iron Bowl Radio Call, love it

Auburn Wins the Iron Bowl Radio Call 11 x 17 by GusAndCleo on Etsy.greatest college football moment EVER!

...and yell war eagle!!!!  Must have this.

Wooden Art, Wooden Signs, Wood Signs, College Art, Painted but needs to be roll tide .

Bo, Pat, Cam  April 14, 2012. WAR EAGLE!

Auburn's A-Day Game action, statue ceremony for Cam, Bo and Pat in photo scrapbook

Auburn Heisman Trophy winners Bo Jackson, Pat Sullivan, and Cam Newton were recognized at the 2012 A-Day game I was there! Gabrielle's first trip to Auburn

Beautiful Snowy Auburn

Beautiful Snowy Auburn ~ for my two friends that are Auburn fans who are more loyal to their school than anyone I have ever seen!

Toomer’s Corner is much more than two majestic oak trees. Toomer’s Corner represents tradition. Auburn & Toomer’s Corner will presevere over the hateful acts of the misguided. Our trees may die, but our spirit only grows stronger. Auburn fans will gather at Toomer’s Corner for years to come. We believe in more than wins, losses, and rivalry. We believe in family, community, and tradition. We believe in celebrating these things together. We believe in Toomer’s Corner and LOVE IT.  WAR EAGLE.

Toomer's Oaks before and after the poisoning. Breaks my heart. One final roll!