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Animation and Cartoons

Animation and Cartoons

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Yes all of this is perfect we need more Hiccup and Astrid. So much more.

Yes, they should have


This is a Turtle Duck. Repin the turtle duck. Why? Because it’s a Turtle Duck. Make the Turtle Duck famous. For no reasons other than the fact that it’s a Turtle Duck.

Forums | Terraria Online

Lol basically!!

Bat Stich

Jedi Stitch by spooky-freaky-dav... on @deviantART

Jedi Stitch by spooky-freaky-dave on deviantART

There's No Hope

There's No Hope

This will never stop being awesome.

How To Deal With Dragons

How To Deal With Dragons

Avatar: the Last Airbender

Honor by akszirules on deviantART

Honor by akszirules on deviantART

Airbender, Avatar Tla, Avatar Epic, Avatar 3

Motivation - Straitjacket by Songue on deviantART

"I am not Toph! I am Melon Lord!"

Despicable Me Party Sign

Mad's Despicable Me Party

Reasons why I never use the outer-net...

Mother Knows Best…

Rapunzel and Flynn meet Anna

Comic Commission 7 by HazuraSinner on deviantART

Just fact checked it and it's legit! That's hilarious!

Colon Polyps (PowerPoint)

Tigger has severe ADHD, Piglet has anxiety, Rabbit is a pedantic loner, Owl has OCD, Eeyore has extreme depression, while Pooh represents an addict.

So true :)

Like always


Quick, to the Appa-mobile…

This is so true lol