“Now I’m happy! Thank you, hug!” | The Day A Fluffy Samoyed Learned What A Hug Was

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#Samoyed celebrating :)


Samoyed puppy - Can't wait till I have one of these babies :)

Samoyed Puppy... I love these little polar cub baby look alikes :)

Samoyed puppies... my future pups! :)

Samoyed puppy

Samoyed puppy

samoyed puppies

Samoyed puppy!

You'll love this Male Samoyed puppy looking for a new home.

Samoyed Puppy, my mom loves this type of dog.

EEK! I can't wait to have you next year, my little baby Samoyed.

My Samoyed puppy Konah

samoyed puppies

Our #Samoyed #puppy and her binky

Our Samoyed puppy

samoyed puppy

11 week old Samoyed "Ramsey". #bestdog #samoyed #puppy

Haven the adorable Samoyed puppy

Samoyed Puppy :)...

Our future Samoyed puppy - Monaco

Samoyed puppies

Our Samoyed puppy