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Panini Recipes from Taste of Home including: Cuban Panini, Southwestern Beef Panini, Monterey Artichoke Panini and more!

From omelet paninis, to chicken paninis and chocolate paninis for dessert, these recipes are sure to please.

Environmentally Friendly Tips for Pet Owners

Whether it’s cats, dogs or hamsters, much-loved family pets are an important part of our lives. See these Environmentally Friendly Tips for Pet Owners.

13 TIPS FOR BUILDING AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY HOUSE: The benefits of building green are plentiful, and there’s no shortage of information and tips on how to go for a green build or remodel. This infographic by Green Home Gnome gives 13 tips for building a green home, including choosing environmentally-friendly building materials like Structural Insulation Panels (SIPs) and natural finishes, introducing solar power, and going for green HVAC technology.

Week 9 green roofs are one of the best sustainable urban design it's time to change from polluting our environment and add ways to add clean air

This article was published on Green Home Gnome ( Screen reader version: Building a green home is easier than ever with these ecofriendly materials and products. 1. Avoid west-facing construction – This minimizes sun...

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How to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly Infographic

Check these living tips out! How to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly Infographic