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your eyes dance with time

Lightning slowed down at 10,000 frames per second.

Rachel Sussman, “Welwitschia Mirabilis #0707-22411 (2,000 years old; Namib-Naukluft Desert, Namibia)” (nd) (all images ©Rachel Sussman from “The Oldest Living Things in the World”)

Kenichi Hoshine, Sketch on train from Montpellier, France to Barcelona, Spain - Ballpoint pen on paper, 2010

tibetan book of proportions by Public Domain Review, via Flickr

Muybridge - The Science of Animal Motion in gif form

Haunting Photographs Of Decaying Portraits On Forgotten Tombstones

Six Month Long Pinhole Exposures | Lomography | Photo from:

sidney nolan, the slip, 1947

DIAGRAM :: The Illustration Demonstrates the Stroboscopic Effect

Trails Left By Hippos (Lamu, Kenya) by Michael Poliza

By Daniel Siering and Mario Shu in Potsdam

A Grid of Speakers That Shoots Patterns of Fog Vortices into the Air by Daniel Schulze

There's more than one way to experience Civil War history. On the blog, how to experience it in 4D.

Layer series by Nobuhiro Nakanishi - He photographs a scene or object repeatedly over time, then laser prints each shot and mounts them onto acrylic. Change is captured in each frame

Janet Dwyer’s Scanography. "Recently I have been using live elements in my work. Orb Weavers features over 300 tiny spiders building a web on the scanner’s glass. Their movement during scanning created a colorful trail or digital track. I was amazed it took them only about an hour to create such a complex structure."

Nicky Nodjoumi: Ghosts From Iran’s Past

A detail of Carla Gannis and Justin Petropoulos’s exhibition at Transfer Gallery.

Tsherin Sherpa’s Contemporary Twist On Tibetan Thangka Paintings

A Deadly Alkaline Lake in Africa Turns Animals into Calcified Statues