Santa Hat Brownies ... yummy and fun!

santa hat brownies

Funny pictures about Santa hat brownies. Oh, and cool pics about Santa hat brownies. Also, Santa hat brownies photos.

DIY Father's Day Cards -- not for anytime soon, but cute.

M&M Bow Tie Father's Day Card Idea for Kids to Make their Daddys! gift Our Peanut MUST do one of the M&M ideas for Daddy.

I didn't know there was an actual way..

How to tie the perfect bow.a handy thing to know for card embellishment (perfect timing for my baby shower thank you gifts :)

Easy caramel apple recipe - YUMMY for fall! Definitely doing this!

Caramelized Apples - the recipe of elegant and fragrant dessert dishes. Be sure to make a candy apple, photos and step by step instructions to help you with this.