Das sieht schon hübsch aus!

33 Awesome Ways to Upcycle Paint Chips

Sarah/s room? Paint Chip Heart Art: Punch paint chips into little hearts to create these adorable art pieces. Source: I Heart Organizing

With a Celtic band.

The Tattoo Forest by Positive Tattoo is a cool wristband tattoo design with some Indian ornament and the forest performed with blackwork technique.

Small woods tattoo

Forest tattoo is a combination of a developed artistic vision and a very tender understanding of nature's beauty. More than 20 forest tattoo pictures here!

Den Look kaufen: https://lookastic.de/herrenmode/wie-kombinieren/sakko-businesshemd-anzughose-derby-schuhe-guertel/6015 — Weißes Businesshemd — Schwarzes Sakko — Dunkelbrauner Ledergürtel — Schwarze Anzughose — Braune Leder Derby Schuhe

Schwarzer Anzug, Weißes Businesshemd, Braune Leder Derby Schuhe, Dunkelbrauner Ledergürtel für Herren

Fine example of how to wear a boutonnière.

25 Dapper Gents: Style inspiration for grooms. We love these unique ideas for grooms wear! It's not just about the big white dress; dress your man in style.

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Hellbeige Leinen Sakko, Hellblaues Langarmhemd, Blaue Jeans, Dunkelblaues Einstecktuch für Herren

This is a Sunday brunch with the guys or family outfit! I feel like you don't have to wear dress pant to wear a blazer with a dress shirt. Just throw on some plain, simple jeans and add on that beige blazer with a neutral color dress shirt.