Meilan Shinta

Meilan Shinta

Slogohimo, Wonogiri, Indonesia / XIIA3 | ♥ Allah | ♥ My Family | ♥ Sahabat
Meilan Shinta
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masakhane: “Let’s remember that feminism is not just for straight white cisgender women. We need to learn to be more inclusive while discussing feminism. Tracy M, Sex Educator ”

"Feminism includes women of color, non-heterosexual women, trans women, disabled women - women of all body types no matter what they wear".

You are beautiful (and so much more) ... and not condoning violence yet there are times when a virtual wallop comes in handy

We shouldn't put fat or skinny people down. And just because I look like a normal fat person doesn't mean I am. And just because I'm fat doesn't mean I can't be amazing. Let's end all body shaming.

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Get a boy who can ahow both sides 😊 Jaebum ❤

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