"I Believe" printable cards. Used to make a wall decoration, but can also make a mini-book.

If we say we believe the Bible, there are certain truths we must believe. Children need to know what the Bible teaches us to believe. This activity would be appropriate for any lesson about believi.

"Jesus Christ has the power to heal" printable

i am going to make bandaids for the youth medical box.Melonheadz LDS illustrating: Jesus Christ has the power to heal wrist bands

Band-aid butterflies craft idea

Band-aid Butterflies

Band-aid Butterflies - No Time For Flash Cards. Love this I think this is one of my art fair crafts.

More examples of band-aid art (idea from the curriculum)

Create collages with band aids, tape, tubing Create band aid necklaces Paint with sponge tooth cleaners Create mobiles with medical equipment Water play with medical equipment

Storybook download either in color or black & white. Easiest to find on the page by using CTRL+F to search the title "Nobleman's Sick Son". The link to the black & white book PDF is here: http://www.lambsongs.co.nz/New%20Testament%20Books/The%20Nobleman's%20Sick%20Son%20Big%20Book%20B+w.pdf

John Jesus Healed an Official's Son; Nobleman's Sick Son Free Printable Book in color or B & W.

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