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Looks like a wonderful signature drink to match my theme...Blackberry Sage Cooler.

blackberry sage cooler This is a refreshing, easy way to make a soda that’s lower in sugar and tastes great. A sage simple syrup is mixed with some pureed blackberries and topped off with some club soda. The perfect refreshment for a hot summer day!

"the kind of love that takes a lifetime to get over" -Beau Taplin

It is a frightening thought, that in one fraction of a moment you can fall in the kind of love that takes a lifetime to get over - Beau Taplin

Kiss me until I forget how terrified I am of everything wrong in my life. - Beau Taplin ❤️

"Kiss me until i forget how terrified i am of everything wrong with my life" -Beau Taplin

#poetic ~ Beau Taplin | You're a fucking wreck and I love you for it.

"a lie is never a compliment. call me an erratic damaged and insecure mess. then tell me that you love me for it" -Beau Taplin

Beau Taplin | I know I'm who you think of when the moon is up and the night is late and that will always be enough.

Who a person kisses, sleeps with, or even marries is of no real consequence. It's who a person misses in the middle of night who matter, who is of most importance