DIY Rosé Wine Gummy Bears

Assorted Jolly Ranchers is an absolute favorite! At Temptation Candy you can get them assorted or by individual flavor (including Cherry, Apple, Blue Raspberry, Grape and Watermelon). Sold in 2 lb increments, approx. 75 twists per lb.

Air heads are the best candy ever made in the world. Air heads come in many different sizes. Air heads also come in many different flavors. The wrapping wants to pull you in and say “ i'm way better than any candy invented”.

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The Kit Kat Birthday Cake consists of two layers of chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream, surrounded with Kit Kats' and topped with M & M's.

Make our Almond Joy Candy Bar Recipe at home tonight for your family. With our Secret Restaurant Recipe your Almond Joys will taste just like the real ones.

Life of Fred: Apples Noahs Ark Homeschool Academy Life of Fred Chocolate Fractions and More! FREE Printables too!

When a starburst is melted, a waxy oil begins to form.