window "screens" from old lace curtains

Good idea for bathroom window.Window screens made from lace curtain fabric. By mounting the lace on a frame inside the room you can change the mood in your room by adding or removing the screen from your window.

Paint the inside of a medicine cabinet with chalkboard paint? What a fun idea!

Chalk paint on inside of medicine cabinet: love notes, happy birthdays, reminders, calendar, motivational quotes. How fun. I plan on making/painting a chalk board on the back of our medicine cabinet.

re-do a folding chair

How to paint and recover folding chairs. What a smart idea for a wedding find cheap folding chairs and recover/paint them all the same design and color love!

take out the bottom drawer, and wallpaper the inside

DIY Sat. #156 - Making a Recycled/Repurposed Dining Table (Video)

take out the bottom drawer, and wallpaper the inside to create an awesome, unique design- would be doable with a plain nightstand! Could be fun for end table in sitting room off kitchen

modern crepe paper lanterns The tutorial is here:

Modern Crepe Paper Lanterns DIY: Pretty, easy and inexpensvie! EDIT: I did this with a lantern and orange crepe paper.


Pumpkin decorating ideas just in time for fall! Put on your crafting hat! Here are 16 fun, creative pumpkin decorating ideas that don't require any carving!

Fun party hats!

DIY Birthday Party Hats

I love these homemade party hats! Another fun idea for a rainbow/art-themed party.have the kids decorate their own party hats.

Exposed Lace Zips -a clear tutorial to make these boxed pouches with a lining and exposed lace zipper. Cute!

Exposed Lace Zipper Pouch - Free Sewing Tutorial by External Maker Crafts Perfect makeup bag

how to address an envelope with style

Cute way to address Christmas cards – wish I saw this earlier! Cute way to address Christmas cards – wish I saw this earlier!

Simple Screenprinting

screen printing that requires an embroidery hoop, some silk, a credit card, fabric paint and contact paper. All you have to do is cut your design out of contact paper, adhere it to your little screen and get printing. The credit card acts as a squeegee.

Super helpful: Easter Egg food color dyeing guide for every color.

Fun Easter crafts, the world's toughest job, shocking news on daycare

silhouette plates a DIY project via Beautifully Rooted

Beautifully Rooted: silhouette plates Uses thrifted plates and black contact paper.