Melanie Büchler

Melanie Büchler

Melanie Büchler
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Dark Chocolate Pear Tart via

Dark Chocolate Pear & Walnut Tart TRIed- did not come together for me. Pears were too soft and so was chocolate. I like the walnut flavor of the crust, but not quit sturdy enough. Pears had good favour, though

Dark Chocolate Tart with Blackberries & Hazelnut Praline. Rich and decadent.

Dark Chocolate Tart with Blackberries & Hazelnut Praline this looks amazing. I would be able to eat a couple bites but that is all I need. I have no idea how to make a tart but I don't really want to make it.

Cheesecake + Cookie + Cake = The Cheesecake Brownie or "Chess Cake".

These also go by the name of chess squares or gooey butter cake, but no matter what you call them, they're absolutely unforgettable. This recipe for "Texas Gold" Bars is a recipe for chess squares that uses yellow cake mix, so they're super easy to m