Get back your counter space with this easy, DIY project. Build a cabinet knife rack to replace those bulky blocks! Click for the how-to instructions plus 10 other quick kitchen organization tips!

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Conveniently keep three kitchen towels handy in a cabinet with the Chrome Pull-Out Towel Bar. This versatile cabinet organizer features durable commercial grade construction and a smooth pull-out design with three chrome towel bars to hang dishtowels washcloths and oven mitts.Sliding Three-Bar Chrome Towel Holder

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Looking for a better way to store your pots, pans, and casserole dishes? If you have a deep drawer, set up a vertical "filing" system with the help of a few dividers. Each dish and lid gets its own space, and you don't have to worry about messy, piled-up dishes taking over your cupboards.

Lara - necklace organizer I found two of these towel racks at Hobby Lobby. As you can see, they fit perfectly in the space between two areas of my closet. I spaced them so that I can still reach the top rack of necklaces, which holds the shorter strands. The bottom rack holds the longer necklaces. The necklaces are held on the rack with shower curtain S hooks that I found at Walmart. I made sure to match the finish of the hooks with the towel racks.

LIDS Keep all your pot and pan lids organized and readily accessible with a Chrome Roll-Out Lid Holder. This versatile cabinet organizer fits in 21 inch deep spaces and can accommodate up to 18 lids or hold cutting boards and baking trays on a pull-out storage tray that eliminates messy cluttered and inconvenient piles.

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