looks like Luke and I and our future golden retriever :) I think I would want to be more in focus with the Camera! Would also be cute as a family photo with the kids (and dog) up close!

10 Simple Ways to Get Happy

this is awesome! my dogs are my kids for right now! If i can swing it the right way i am going to have my dogs in the ceremony! I would love to have my dogs in my engagement pics!

Simply must try this!!! 32 Wonderful, Creative and Unique Ways To Take a Photo.

26 Images That Will Break Your Brain

Very interesting post: Beach vacation. TOP 25 Funny Pictures on the beach.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Pictures.

Harvard Homemaker Fun Photo Ideas - Harvard Homemaker

Have fun with frame of reference pictures--Just have someone stand in the foreground and then the other person backs up. (There are more examples in the post--my kids' favorite is the one with the "giant"!

Couples photography ideas for our three year anniversary photo session. Doesn't hurt to start planning!

Often times, it's planning how to pose for pictures that is the hardest. Having a plan of what you want is a good idea. In this post, we will share some photography ideas for couple. Hopefully we can capture some great moments of life in creative ways.

Like the size & layout of these. Also like canvas prints....not so sure about the beach theme.

Put beach photos on canvas in a tight block….this would make me smile each and every time I saw it….love our family beach time! ♥ @ DIY Home Design

i'm gonna do this with my kids every year and watch how much bigger they have gotten with every school year

Love this picture idea for a child starting Kindergarten. :)-cute pic for a growth chart idea or for a kindergarten graduation gift!