Troll doll costume hahahahaha this is hilarious. I loved troll dolls when I was a kid. I kind of looked like one too.

Finally it's here...

Finally it’s here…

So funny! :D I'm not into batman don't even know much about "the joker" past his name but found this hilariously funny!

She Let the Dogs Out

Who Let the Dogs Out? At Least She Kept the Cat Locked Up - Boob Art Fail ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fails

ear-ear-rings.....what. No.

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Pikashoes, I choose you.

Pikachu shoes guaranteed to capture man’s attention

Pikachu Pokemon Glitter Flats - I want to wear these for halloween and do like a wizard of oz theme but poke style

Denture Compact by Concave Oblivion via etsy.

Denture Compact by Concave Oblivion. this new fad is too freaky. maybe not for a dentist, but I'd be scared to see this in my purse.