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    chihuahua love

    chihuahua love

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    The Scoop: Dabito and Beatrice

    The Scoop: Dabito and Beatrice - Dog Milk

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    • paige lee
      paige lee

      At first I thought this was a pomeranian! He looks so much like my Zeus.

    • Melinda (Mode et Maison)
      Melinda (Mode et Maison)

      He's half chihuahua, half pomeranian.

    • Lizzie Alvina
      Lizzie Alvina

      I have a pomchi! cutest pups ever!!

    adorable little chihuahua

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    • Emily Peter
      Emily Peter

      OMG this might be the most adorable chi EVER!

    fancy little pet beds awww!

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    • Instore Marketing Voyage
      Instore Marketing Voyage


    chihuahua tongue action (c) H.H. :: Kirjaudu sisään
    • Cindy R. Luna ⚓️
      Cindy R. Luna ⚓️

      Leslie Marie Rivera, this is JOE JOE!

    • Lily Moore
      Lily Moore

      Oh God, he (or she?) looks exactly like my little (7 yrs old ;)) chihuahua, Nari! ♥

    oh my goodness!

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    • Lisa of Comfort & Joy Soap Co.
      Lisa of Comfort & Joy Soap Co.

      Adorable! I want him!


    Are You Thinking of Buying a Chihuahua? | All Types Of Dogs Realm
    • Rocketland Photography
      Rocketland Photography

      looks like a Pomeranian.

    • Phuong Conway
      Phuong Conway

      If it does have pomeranian in it, I can tell you the other half is most definitely chihuahua! Lol


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    • Kathryn Summers
      Kathryn Summers

      Looks like spunky

    • ▼Nicki Meow▼
      ▼Nicki Meow▼

      Nice tattoo


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    • Fresh Patch
      Fresh Patch



    Fancy - Chihuahua


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    from fuzz to finished


    Ottawa Dog of the Week - Montecristo the Long Hair Chihuahua
    • Brianna Blasing
      Brianna Blasing

      Ohhhh the precious PUMPKIN!!! ♥

    • Chris Crivello
      Chris Crivello


    • Elise Nuckols
      Elise Nuckols

      Might be a papillon? Looks just like one, so cute!

    • Connie Kernea
      Connie Kernea

      This is definitely a Papillon. It looks just like my daughters pup Vivien.

    • Sensible Wonder
      Sensible Wonder


    cute and fluffy

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    • Cindy R. Luna ⚓️
      Cindy R. Luna ⚓️

      @Leslie Marie Rivera

    Chihuahua picture

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    Milo the Chihuahua Mix

    Ottawa Dog of the Week - Milo the Chihuahua Mix
    • Sue Pausanos
      Sue Pausanos

      So Cute...


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    • Laurie ❤ PINaddiction!  Amen!
      Laurie ❤ PINaddiction! Amen!

      lol Robin Morris ... you would love this!

    • Erin Todd
      Erin Todd

      @Kimberly Kahanek, rory needs a sombrero

    • Mary Lynn Buccellato Gerow-Hackel
      Mary Lynn Buccellato Gerow-Hackel

      those eyes.....


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    • Annette


    • Christy Lee
      Christy Lee

      Omg i love this little dog

    • Jorden Filarski
      Jorden Filarski

      Carla Filarski and Erica Filarski is this what clayton looked like as a puppy?

    • Erica Filarski
      Erica Filarski

      haha yes, Jorden Castagna but way smaller.

    • Malena


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    .. The sweetest arm party EVER. via @carrie hosozawa ..

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    • Les Jumelles Bijoux
      Les Jumelles Bijoux

      I agree! The sweetest!! ❤ So cute!


    Flex Fleece Dog Zip Hoodie | American Apparel

    adopt me, maybe? (lol so amazing!!)

    Community Post: Adopt Me, Maybe?
    • Alison Rebecca Martin
      Alison Rebecca Martin

      Eeeeee hehe! I want another chihuahua!

    • Andrea Hettinger
      Andrea Hettinger

      Ok!! I will take one in every color! Haha


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    • Collette Leiter
      Collette Leiter

      This is my dog (you pinned it from me) and she is actually a Papillon. :)


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    • Send-A- Smooch
      Send-A- Smooch

      so very