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Favorite Quotes

Favorite Quotes

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CAT WISDOM :D (I love this!)

CAT WISDOM stencil word art typography subway alwa


Line missing: "... and who don't want to go back!" #recovery

I find this to be so true, especially for the first one.

There’s always a little….


more gratitudes, less complaining

Dr. Phil says this all the time and I absolutely love this statement!

Wednesday Words of Wisdom - February 6th, 2013

So true!

Yes- please always be your own person!!! Be a voice not an echo :D

Quote - awesomely interesting facts, images & videos

Holy cow, this is honestly one of the most amazing poems I've ever read in my entire life. So beautiful.

I love this

Sometimes-you-will-never-know-the-value-of-a-moment-until-it-becomes-a-memory.jpg 590×590 pixels

So true!

same girl anymore 26 Adorable Quotes About Bad Relationships

26 Adorable Quotes About Bad Relationships

"…pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” ~ Maya Angelou

Does he spend time or money on you? - I Love My LSI



Life According to Kenz: A Little Thing Called Purpose

"Listen, listen, listen Linda." | This 3-Year-Old's Argument For Why He Needs A Cupcake For Dinner Will Make You Smile

hiraeth...a Welsh word which has no literal translation. it's more of a feeling than a word. i love this.

The ones who really learn, are those who still understand a year from now. Memorizing might get you your A, however, the things you memorized will leave as soon as you walk out of the classroom.

Valentine's Day Gift for Him or Her I may not be by KyMadeCrafts but leave the marriage stuff off