Shawn Murray

Shawn Murray

Shawn Murray
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Overwatch character Mei

Design reference for human scientist characters, also shows how I could lay out my design/info sheets to explore a character's design in depth.

Junkrat Reference Guide

Junkrat, the crazy Australian jester. From the game Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment.

Soldier: 76 Reference Guide

Overwatch Spotlight - Soldier: The original commander of the Overwatch! Using his mercenary skills, he can gun down enemies and heal allies at the same time!

Overwatch - D.Va Reference Guide

VA main needs to know how to properly draw her girl ✌ Overwatch Spotlight - D. Use her mech in battle to give you the upper hand!

Overwatch - Hanzo Reference Guide

By now everyone knows Overwatch. It has millions of players almost everyday playing online. Because is pure fun!