Why I wear thick socks: 1% to be warm. 1% to be comfortable. 98% to slide across…

Someone posted a whisper in the group BBW Girls And Guys That Love Them 😍, which reads " Why I wear thick socks: to be warm. to be comfortable. to slide across the floor like a freakin ninja!

Dress in the making

A look at the making of Cinderella's stunning ballgown on DailyMail. According to the article it took a team of 20 people hours to create eight versions of her amazing gown for Cinderella Live. Not an easy DIY or Cosplay Costume.

COMO FAZER vestido Cinderella filme 2015 (Ball Dress) Oie, H-Sama aqui! Já falamos aqui sobre todos os figurinos mais marcant...

Eight years after Enchanted, two years after Frozen, and just three months after Into the Woods, Disney offers up a…

I love the way that despite everything Cinderella has been through, she still stays positive with an almost childlike view of the world. I think that's part of the magic, too, that she still has faith and hope in spite of her circumstances.

This makes me happy because for one it is Disney related and two it shows you how Cinderella never stopped dreaming. She always kept a good heart and never held grudged towards anybody.

Prince Kit and Cinderella

This is a symbolic moment for Juliet because it was the moment when Juliet´s life changed completely.