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DIY | abstract art tutorial, such a pretty and creative home decor idea!

Hi, it’s Ashley from Star and Arrow Designs! I’m so excited to share this DIY art tutorial with you guys. Spring is officially upon us, and I thought we would create an abstract piece to add a vibrant and textured pop to your home.

DIY easy artwork. Canvas, half inch masking tape, three colors, and white acrylic paint. Tape up the canvas any which way, paint a gradient with a color in each segment, remove tape, and voila.

You can easily make your own with a canvas, a paint brush, masking tape, and three colors + white acrylic paint. Just tape up your canvas every which way, paint a gradient of each color in the taped segments and remove the tape

On a gray wall I am thinking black base with turquoise stripes.  Or on the turquoise accent wall, it could be just black and white.  DIY art: canvas + masking tape + spray paint = super easy!

Its a DIY project with just canvas,masking tape paint: tried it. A lot harder than it looks. paint bleeds really bad even with good tape. I ended up just using orange tape on white canvas and white tape on orange canvas (spray painted) looks great!