Cute wedding favors!

Do It Yourself Mustache And Muah

farming (seen by @Nilamcu293 )

Country life is simple but this is soooo true! I use to hate doing chores on the farm haha! Its hard work but ya gotta love it

Peanut butter banana bread

Reese’s Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Made this yesterday - very yummy! next time around i think i might try making mini muffins and save the peanut butter cups to push into the center of the filled muffin cups instead of mixing them into the batter bowl.

Hello Kitty party (via @Peggieohw306 )

Inspiration Board: Hello Kitty Birthday Party

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This jewelry tree makes necklaces ART

Painted tree branch and jewelry hung with thumb tacks! Uses less space than a real branch, won't collect dust, no hooking and unhooking your necklaces and bracelets to hang them and looks better than just tacks on the wall.

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an enchanted tree island which is the portal to a mystical, magical land.(photo by tomas sanchez)