Mélina Vodianova

Mélina Vodianova

Mélina Vodianova
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Many of the decorative plants that we have grown to beautify our interiors are tropical indoor plants. Both beautiful and unusual, tropical indoor plants are a popular.

10 conseils à suivre pour réussir la décoration de son salon - Muramur

I like the layered rugs and hanging chair. In the lounge, linen curtains hang from the ceiling to the floor. The grey couch is from and the woven Malawian chairs from Ashanti Design.

Tips on keeping indoor plants alive - snake plant for front entry table????

Let’s be honest: When it comes to gardening, not all of us are blessed with a green thumb. While I haven’t always been particularly gifted when it comes to keeping my plants alive, I have always loved

Fabriquer des soliflores suspendus via une branche, de la ficelle et des bocaux en verre

There are lots of amazing ways to turn branches into tree branch decor! Here are some of our favourite beautiful and functional ideas.

My beautiful 84 yr old neighbour just delivered a bunch of these forget-me-nots to me. Never, sweet Pearlie x

A splash of blue is a *MUST* in the bouquets and boutonniere to tie in with the bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen ties. I like more small blue flowers as an accent. I'm not a fan of big blue flowers as they seem to fake.