His wedding band with her fingerprint. I like this.

His wedding band with her fingerprint- I want this! My honey's fingerprint on a thick band for me.maybe a middle finger band for the right hand?

For people to read while waiting on wedding. Funny facts and interesting things about the couple. Good idea!!

Funny wedding program: So you're going to sit through a wedding…

"This would be funny to explain who everyone in the wedding party is, the program, etc. (funny facts about bride/groom & everyone else)" this is pretty great.I like the funny facts about each person idea

i really like this. for the day after the wedding, catching a flight for the honeymoon... hahaha @Kristi Purvis this would be PERFECT for you

Slouchy Pullover for the day after the wedding. Honeymoon airport travel outfit, I wish i had this. your day after outfit?

Jenga Guest Book Alternative    A different way to engage with your guest is to have them take a block of Jenga stick to write their message to the happy couple. Every time you play the game, it will bring back all the memories for years to come.

Stephanie and Lindsay - Jenga Guestbook Idea. Every time you play the game, it will bring back all the memories for years to come. Creative Guest Book Ideas For Wedding Reception

At the bridal shower have each guest bring a different bottle of wine and label tags with things like first fight, first tree trimming, first snow day, etc. Cute!

Fun Idea - Wine Shower – Have every guest bring a bottle or two of wine to help build the couple’s wine cellar. Assign each guest a different grape or region to ensure variety. You can even turn the shower into a wine tasting.

Wedding cake inspiration...I like the concept of smooth layers with a textured layer in between, and I love the colors :)

Bretagne, France Wedding from XO ANDREA

Wedding cake ideas Visit for all your bridal headpieces, hair ornaments, mother of the bride hats and mother of the groom hats. We can create bespoke bridal or guest headwear to perfectly compliment your wedding dress or

Vintage Wedding Postcard Thank Yous

reserved for wolverine0911 - Gia - Vintage Wedding Postcard Thank You Cards

Copper spray paint on old cans.

Add some rustic charm to your beach wedding with this DIY tin can project as seen on Shelterness. {DIY tips} An arrangement of these cleaned and empty tin cans that are sprayed using gold and copper spray paint will add muted glamour to your table decor.

Backless lace cap sleeved wedding gown #backless #weddinggown #lace

PHOTOS: The #1 Wedding Dress Trend Of 2013

Wedding dress trend 2013 low back wedding gowns, backless wedding dress, open back wedding dresses, make a statement at your wedding. I LOVE this wedding dress