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The Ninja in all of us. The understanding of EGO!

Pain. It seems to be an on going companion. It has given me more compassion for others and is only more recently teaching me about how my lack of acceptance of it has been what has turned it into suffering, It is a wearing, and sometimes brutal, teacher.

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This is totally correct. Describes me perfectly....except I am an adrenaline junkie, but mostly an introvert.

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The Perfect Japanese Words You Need In Your Life

The Perfect Japanese Words You Need In Your Life

i am guilty of irusu quite a bit; now i have a word for when i feel yugen; i am most definitely shibui :D ; it is possible i could kuidaore one day; i probably would be a nito-onna out of sheer laziness; and i do tsundoku quite a lot :D

See, this is why I don't say any of the first three...I like keeping my clothes dry, I like shade, and I hate having air move on me needlessly indoors. As for the fourth, well, I can't attest to that. But I've always been into weather control...

People judge themselves on their mistakes but the need to know that they're capable, brave and significant even when they feel like they aren't. Because you are capable, brave and significant, all you have to do is believe...

'Just what the world needs' is what I was told by my boss the day I turned up with newly bleached locks.. This is a collection of thoughts, lyrics and images that tickle my fancy. I do not have copyright to most things I post.

This is sweet and deep I like to kiss my boo bear cheeks so she wouldn't be homesick cause I be there. ! I know she proably going crazy missing me and wants to be with me as much or even more then I do with her I luvs you babe... forever !