Pretty sure this is the tattoo that my sister and I should get

"Sisters" & "Friends" I would love to get this one with my sister but I doubt she would ever get a tattoo. Hell I still might get it just because she is my sister. But I have to get some purple put in there some where (her favorite color).

Shoulder Tattoos for Women | 55 Awesome Shoulder Tattoos | Cuded

55 Awesome Shoulder Tattoos

“count every beautiful thing” quote and rose sketch tattoo inked on the left of collarbone. Let’s have a refresh of the quote by Jeff Mangum. You are absolutely worthy to own the tattoo if you fins the beauty on it.

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Lily tattoo idea dedicated to mom But I would proably get it in pink because that's my moms favorite color But blue is mine so I don't know

Mother and Child Knot - Cool tattoo idea if only I could convince my mom to get a tattoo... @Daphne Holthuizen Broadwater Manning

Mother and Child Knot -Wood Carved Celtic Knot Mothers Love-Nurturing

Mother and Child Knot -Wood Carved Celtic Knot Mothers Love -Nurturing Motherhood.get three knots in there somehow?

Kids thumb print tatoo

Thumb print tattoo in the shape of a heart. Definitely getting my mom and dads thumb prints and getting this done. Have my mom and dad make a thumb print in the shape of a heart.

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Elegant believe white ink tattoo quotes on wrist for girls – The Unique DIY tattoo quotes which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY tattoo quotes ideas on wrist tattoo ideas, white ink tattoo quotes to Personalize yourselves.

watercolor styled tattoos

Watercoloring collected Origami bird tattoo on arm for girl in Fancy Tattoos. And Origami bird tattoo on arm for girl is the best Watercolor Tattoo for 390 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about for girls.

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Waterlily tattoo idea

My friend asked me to design a tattoo with swirls and a lily. I didn't have time to "color" the lily properly (I left that for the tattoo artist) so it's kinda simple.

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Possible ankle or right shoulder tattoo; bright purple instead of bright pink and maybe leave out the music notes.


back of shoulder / delicate flowers & butterflies. I really like this but without the butterflies

30 Hottest Star Tattoo Designs - Pretty Designs

30 Hottest Star Tattoo Designs

Tattoo design with a combination of flowers and stars in the body of a girl. Star and flower tattoo designs include a.

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Half Sleeve Tattoo Drawings for women - Bing Images. I want my kids birth flowers laid out like this