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Middle School Common Core

BUNDLED UNIT ON THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS ➢ Vocabulary ➢ 21 multiple choice questions and answers – these questions are based on the film and the book. ➢ All of the essay questions included here are text based and require critical thinking, reading, and writing; they address concerns regarding the Common Core ELA/ Literacy: Shift 4: Text-based Answers. All are aligned with CCSS ELA 8-12 ➢ There are a total of 14 essay Qs with 13 sub-questions and 2 Critical Lens Qs AND MORE 41 pages $

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: This unit allows for differentiated learning. Included here: ➢ Twelve multiple choice questions and answers ➢ Information on parables and fables ➢ Seven essay and/or discussion questions – with thirteen sub-questions. These questions vary as to difficulty and are aligned with Common Core Standards ELA 8-11. $

Act out the social class inequities of Pre-French Revolution in your classroom. Help students feel the injustice of the situation through a simula...

Is wanting more a good thing? Help your students understand that the constant need for growth has economic, social and political implications with...

Zombie virus has been reported in Kazakhstan! Your students will be given a fictitious FEMA memo to read. It details the beginnings of a contagion ...

Act out the social class inequities of Pre-French Revolution in your classroom. Help students feel the injustice of the situation through a simula...

Do you like teaching the "old-fashioned" way with the teacher presenting the lesson? Is your school is moving toward a one-to-one classroom in which students will have their own device such as an i-pad, similar tablet, or laptop? Are you thinking of flipping your classroom? Would you like to take your students to the lab for a worthwhile instructional activity? Here is a very versatile way to integrate technology into your classroom. Do it big or start out small. You decide!

Try these interactive and structured notes to help your students understand transformations on the coordinate plane. Manipulative shapes are used to help students visualize the movements and the use of patty paper (or tracing paper) is optional, but will add that extra zip to your lesson! Highlighters will also add visual interest to your presentation. These notes are perfect for use in interactive notebooks. Students will investigate translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations.

This resource covers 6th grade Common Core standards. The rich visual content with real-world scenarios and multi-step questions will engage struggling students who need to get back on track and challenge motivated students to think of more examples from their day-to-day lives to apply math. Students will improve problem-solving skills while learning topics in algebra, geometry, probability, number system, and statistics.

Metric Measurement Task Cards. A set of 90 cards suitable for students in grades 6-12 in any type of science class.

This activity consists of sixteen multi-step equations for students to solve (eight for each partner). These problems will require students to use the distributive property, combine like terms, and deal with variables on both sides of an equation. CCSS 7.EE CCSS 8.EE CCSS A-REI

Need to grab the attention of your students? Try using data based on "The Hunger Games" series by Suzanne Collins and the "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling! The first activity is a box and whisker graph lesson. It includes notes, a data sheet (ages of tributes), a twelve question activity, and an answer key. It makes a great one period activity or assignment. CCSS 6.SP CCSS 7.SP CCSS S-ID

A structured approach to teaching surface area can make it so much easier for students to understand! These materials lend themselves to use in interactive notebooks. These foldable notes, examples, and practice problems feature a structured step by step format to guide student thinking as they calculate the surface area of each figure. Students will find the surface areas of prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, and spheres.

Play Competitively or Cooperatively with up to Five Devices!! -- 4 Dice a Fractions Game App - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, & Dividing Fractions #MathApp #iPadEd

Text Structure Anchor Chart and Reading Strategies Bundle The focus of this strategy is to teach students about the different types of text struct...

Creativity In the Common Core Classroom: Author's Purpose: Anchor Chart and Interactive PowerPoint for Classroom Use

Students enjoy inventing their own products. They are delighted to create their own tasks with helps from the scientific method + one myster...

You and your students are sure to enjoy the variety of activities included in this "Exponent Extravaganza" bundle! This bundle is appropriate for Pre-Algebra and Algebra students. CCSS 8.EE N-RN

This bundle includes all 17 Partner Power activities currently offered in my store. As I create new activities they will be added to the bundle and the price will be increased accordingly.

All of my life science products in one big bundle! A mish-mash of materials that are original and creative. Purchase now at 30% off. As I add to the bundle the price will increase. If you buy now, everything that gets added with be free! This bundle includes over 175 pages, 15 labs, numerous activities, games, foldables, graphic organizers and other things. Many ideas are completely original!!

Want your students to get the most from this product? Read how to find clues in context on page 3 to gather a big picture view that will ...

The Tell-Tale Heart. INCLUDED IN THIS UNIT ARE THE FOLLOWING: ➢ A PDF copy of the story with paragraph numbers. A PDF copy of the test. ➢ 26 multiple-choice questions and answers. ➢ Six essay questions along with detailed teacher notes/suggested answers. These questions vary as to difficulty and are aligned with many of the CCSS - see unit for details $

Many of my TpT products focus on textual-analysis and critical thinking skills. This product addresses these skills and is Cross Curricular. The passage is written by a philosopher/social scientist and is about science, history, ethics, and the pursuit of knowledge. It is also self-contained so may be used by a substitute teacher! Included: ➢A small excerpt from Tocqueville. ➢A breakdown of the excerpt sentence by sentence with writing prompts ➢Group and individual Qs AND MORE $