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Free set of printable CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS Posters! Great for any secondary classroom! They come in two sizes!

The Common Core Reading Standards say that when we teach reading we need to make sure students are reading more complex texts! How can we do that? With these ideas and tips of course! (Plus there is a freebie to get your students started!)

26 Book Challenge...ideas

3rd Grade Thoughts: Sorting Books by Genre + Freebie

Letter wands to find items that start with that letter around the room BALANCEDLITERACYDIET :: index :: Balanced Literacy Diet

book walks for bigger kids | read alouds for older children |reading with older kids | book walk | reading comprehension |

How I Teach Reading in 5th Grade (Detailed Breakdown)- totally able to be modified for younger grades

Host a "Reading Fair" ... similar to a science fair, but focused on literature instead. It's a more creative and artistic alternative to a typical book report format. (Depending on the expectations for the project, this could even be done in the lower primary grades.)

10 Simple to Make Reading Games for Kids. These are great for learning sight words, word families and more! Love these hands on ideas for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade kids (great with Dolche words in homeschool)

Which is why there ALWAYS have to be books in the playroom, between the toys ;-)

an easy alphabet hunt for you to do with your kids at the grocery store.

50 Alternatives to Sitting Quietly During Read Aloud Time

Help kids learn to read by combining narration & written text - plus 10 classic kids books available with audio! Find out how to help your new reader by syncing audio and text - a perfect low stress way to encourage emergent readers! #ad

Label the room pre-reading activity

Tips for Hosting a Book Exchange with Friends this Summer #lovebooks

30 Day Challenge -- Cool Ideas From YouTube Kids

Learning New Vocabulary Words Pack - comic strip style - 100+ vocabulary word cards included - This Reading Mama

Reading Response Journal Questions - FREE - This Reading Mama

Motivating Struggling Readers - This Reading Mama

Printable Initial Sound Maze Mats - perfect for word work in your Daily 5 lesson or as a independent literacy centre activity. Great for developing speech and language too | you clever monkey

LOVE this idea!!! Plus a FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY!

Free printable book journal for kids

Such a simple idea for Greek and Latin Roots!!! Posting the root word wheel outside of my door, it acts as a “Password” as my 5th graders enter into my classroom. Each morning, students lead a simple, 3-5 minute activity working with our root - recording it, listing it, picturing it, chanting it, and teaching it.

Word Work Fun for Big Kids

Why I love the book Strategies That Work and FREE posters for your classroom!