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7 page activity book from Highlights and Melissa & Doug: Contains puzzles, games, coloring sheets & more!

Tinted Ice Cream Paintings Craft

We love these spill proof paint cups from Melissa & Doug - each color of poster paint gets a dedicated brush. When the children are done painting, simply pop the lid on to keep the paint fresh for another day. *So cool

Bubble Painting: The perfect outdoor art activity for toddlers, preschoolers ... actually kids of all ages!

How to Plan a Family Picnic - Tips on planning a family picnic with fun location, menu, invite and game ideas!

Adding to the must-do list: set up a bike obstacle course for the kids this summer!

5 awesome pool games for children! Keep kids busy and active this summer while staying cool too. *Saving this for later

Summer is in full-swing, temperatures outside are rising, and those vacationing kids are looking for new ways to enjoy their days away from school. So, we’ve partnered with our friends at Highlights for Children to bring you this special mini-mag of free printables for kids: “Cool Ideas for Hot Summer Days!”

How to host a bike rodeo -- Bike rodeos aren’t just a fun way to celebrate bike month, they are also a great way to help kids practice simple techniques and safety habits that will help them each time they ride!

 A bike rodeo is simple to organize and doesn’t cost much at all. They are also an excellent way to get the kids outdoors and being active this summer, while having fun! Invite the whole neighborhood if you want to, the more the merrier.

Paper Plate Craft: This super-simple American Flag Wind Spinner is the perfect patriotic craft for children of all ages. *So easy. Saving this idea for the kids this summer!

Active Play - Flying Disc Games: Whether you’re at home, on vacation, or around town, these simple kids’ games can help kids (and even grown-ups) get the wiggles out!

Sponge Bombs are a great alternative to water balloons. Can be used over & over again!

Giant Abstract Art: Gross Motor Painting for Kids *water balloon painting in pool. adding this to my summer bucket list.

{DIY Swirl ‘n Spin Frisbees} Paint and customize...

Family Nature Hunt + Free Bingo Printable

Celebrate National Safety Month with these activities, designed to educate your kids about safety using play.

We want summertime to be packed with laughter and moments of discovery for kids. So, we’ve partnered with our friends at Highlights for Children to bring some extra creative fun to your children this summer, with our FREE 10-page Boredom Busters printable activity book for kids! This colorful, printable activity book is filled with brain games, puzzles, creative crafts and activities. Print it, download it, or save it for another day. And remember, it’s free!

Getting creative with sidewalk chalk *awesome list of ideas

Create an Outdoor Game Spot - "When the weather warms up and the kids want to get outside, we haul the toys out of the basement (or wherever we stored them last winter) and let them play! We have a small yard and driveway, so I try to create “zones” where they can play various games." *What a fun idea

Family Nature Hunt + Free Bingo Printable

This super-simple American flag wind spinner is the perfect patriotic craft for children of all ages. *Saving this idea for the kids this summer!

You can do your best to bring your children on a memorable vacation but so often it is the time spent at the hotel pool that elicits the most squeals of joy! Here are some easy and portable games & challenges for your hotel pool visits.

Counting by 10s Puzzle Hunt for Children - Educational Scavenger Hunt *What a fun way to get kids interested in math

10 Classic Activities to Survive Family Camping with Children *Great list of ideas for parents and activities for kids

Simple Ideas for Outdoor Toddler Play