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Kid Friendly Bread and Peanut Butter Bird Seed Feeder - a fun Spring craft

Connect with your kids: Using car time for family time

special assignment letter instructions

A portable sandbox on wheels! Perfect sensory play for preschoolers! *This is so simple, it is brilliant.

Number One Dad - Super Simple Finger Painting Card for Kids to Make for Father's Day *This is so cute!

Stamping Sight Words

5 tropical inspired recipes for the grill that will help you chase away the dreary winter blues.

Exploring Shapes with Preschoolers: Recognizing shapes is one of the first steps in building math skills with preschoolers. As they explore shapes, they are understanding same and different. This is important because it will help them observe and compare everything that they see in their lives. *Great article for parents!

50 Family-Friendly Activities and Children's Crafts *Love this printable spring bucket list for kids.

Kids' Art on a Cart: Encourage Creativity Every Day!

Lunchbox Notes that Stick Around! *This is such a cute idea...

Spending 1:1 Time with Dad for Father’s Day... 5 Ways for Dad's to Play!

Sibling Activities with Dolls: Here are some reasons why doll play can help develop strong sibling relationships and help form life lessons . . . plus a few ideas to get you started with your siblings.

Connecting with your Kids: Spending quality one-on-one time on vacation

Improving Sibling Relationships Through Play: Every parent hopes that when child number two (or child number three, or child number . . . ) enters the family, the kids will be caring and kind to each other. We all want happy sibling relationships in our home. Yet, stressful moments between children can occur in any family, at any time. *Great collection of parenting resources!

5 Tips on Indoor Camping with Your Children *Great family-fun with the kids on cold nights!

Party Theme Ideas: Tips for Hosting a Farm / Tractor Birthday Party for Kids - Recipes, Games and More *Loving this pitch fork and shovels idea! Too funny.

How to Plan a Family Picnic - Tips on planning a family picnic with fun location, menu, invite and game ideas!

4 Activities to Help Teach Your Child Summer Safety - Bike Chalk Road *What a great resource for kids and parents

A Tale of Knightly Deeds: Teaching kids kindness, generosity, manners and character. Check out the free printable too!

Rainy Day Activities for Children *Bookmarking these kids' craft and play ideas from Melissa & Doug. This indoor maze idea is too cool.

Colors of Nature Color Hunt + Printable *Perfect fall activity for kids

Kid's Pretend Play: Try some play food, printable menus, and voila! A little (healthy) chef in the making... *So much fun!