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It’s the perfect season for a special teddy bear picnic . . .

10+ Blog Resources for Ongoing Science Inspiration for Kids and Parents

It’s the perfect season for a special teddy bear picnic . . .

Baseball game scavenger hunt. Fun way to keep the kids entertained during a baseball game.

Giant Abstract Art: Gross Motor Painting for Kids *water balloon painting in pool. adding this to my summer bucket list.

Family Nature Hunt

Kids and Screen-Time: 7 Tips for Teaching a Healthy Family Balance *What do you think of this list of ideas?

Teaching Toddler Chores: This simple tip for teaching toddler chores is super fun, quick and will have your toddler helping in no time!

We’ve partnered with our friends at Highlights for Children to bring some extra creative fun to your children this summer, with our FREE 10-page Boredom Busters printable activity book for kids! Check it out!

Bubble Painting --> HOW cute is this?? !

Connecting with your Kids: Spending quality one-on-one time on vacation

Spin Painting with Kids - always a big hit with the kids and a fun activity to do in a group - love how these turned out!

Personalized Book Project

teacher gifts for the last-minute parent -> Easy craft for not-so-crafty crafters from

Rainy Day Activities for Kids - fun ways to keep moving inside.

How to Make Easy Wood Sculptures with Kids Using Wood Bits and Scrap Wood

Make your own butterfly houses with write on chalkboard lids!

How to Create a Sunflower House *This garden fort is so neat. Saving this for later.

Kid Friendly Bread and Peanut Butter Bird Feeder - easy, safe and inexpensive craft for Spring! Also, makes a great Mother's Day gift.

The perfect project to do with your kids this summer -- grow a butterfly garden! Love these tips for raising the caterpillars and making your yard a happy spot for the new fluttery friends. Great ideas for container gardening, too! Such great learning opportunities as they watch the life cycle.

How adorable is this cute little marshmallow guy!! You'll never believe what he's made of, can't wait to do this with the kids this summer

Sibling Activities with Dolls: Here are some reasons why doll play can help develop strong sibling relationships and help form life lessons . . . plus a few ideas to get you started with your siblings.

How to Plant a Honey Bee Garden With Kids: List of 10 bee-friendly flowers *Saving this gardening reference list

Too much screen time in your house? Check out these great ways to encourage your kids in outside play! Number 5 is the best. Saving this for summer vacation. . .