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5 awesome pool games for children! Keep kids busy and active this summer while staying cool too. *Saving this for later

Party Theme Ideas: Tips for Hosting a Farm / Tractor Birthday Party for Kids - Recipes, Games and More *Loving this pitch fork and shovels idea! Too funny.

Chicken gyro pita sandwich with homemade tzatziki sauce! YUM. Grilled chicken tenders sliced up with fresh tomatoes and crisp red onions and cool cucumber sauce rolled up in a warm toasty pita. I could live off of this all summer long. Makes a great easy dinner for the family but make plenty of leftovers for lunch at work!

Watermelon Wind Spinner: Paper Plate Craft for Children *My kids would love this easy project. Saving this for summer break. Love the patriotic flag spinners too!

Activities for family road trips: Great activities for when you're on the road on vacation *Must-read for parents

Paper Plate Craft: This super-simple American Flag Wind Spinner is the perfect patriotic craft for children of all ages. *So easy. Saving this idea for the kids this summer!

4 sanity saving tips for back to school organization for moms. Start the new year right with a clean desk and a plan in place to keep on top of all the reminders and notices that will coming pouring in from school in the coming months!

{Simple Sand Castle Flags} *Wrap some colored electrical tape around some swizzle sticks to form the flags, and then trimmed the tape with scissors. *So simple!

First day back to school is hectic and stressful. Check out these great tips for keeping your calm, setting your kids off on the right foot, and STILL getting those perfect shots to remember the moment. Easy tips for every photographer!

The ultimate road trip packing list! 40+ things you don't want to forget for your next adventure with the family.

{5 Tips for an Unforgettable Day at the Beach} Does your child have a favorite beach toy?

Family Nature Hunt + Free Bingo Printable

Activities for family road trips: Great activities for when you're on the road on vacation *Must-read for parents

Just Between Us: How to Use a Mother-Daughter Journal Ideas for your Tween or Teen *These guidelines and journal prompts are great. The tips look so helpful for getting started. I am so trying this with my daughter.

4 Activities to Help Teach Your Child Summer Safety - The Stop & Go Game *What a great resource for kids and parents

Summer Birthday Party Ideas from Melissa and Doug - Here’s a Birthday Party idea for kids that will keep them moving all year long. Create an Outdoor Birthday Party with fun challenge stations!

Bubble Painting: The perfect outdoor art activity for toddlers, preschoolers ... actually kids of all ages! *Love the way the paintings turned out!

How to host a bike rodeo -- Bike rodeos aren’t just a fun way to celebrate bike month, they are also a great way to help kids practice simple techniques and safety habits that will help them each time they ride!

 A bike rodeo is simple to organize and doesn’t cost much at all. They are also an excellent way to get the kids outdoors and being active this summer, while having fun! Invite the whole neighborhood if you want to, the more the merrier.

Little kids love big kid camping gear with a bit of "bite." Check out the whole set of products here: www.melissaanddou...

Restore Blue Skies: Fix Your Photo's Uneven Exposure Problems in Seconds With This Simple Trick *This Lightroom gradient filter tutorial is so easy. Trying this on our family beach photos.

5 awesome pool games for kids! Keep kids busy and active this summer while staying cool too

Family Nature Hunt + Free Bingo Printable

You can do your best to bring your children on a memorable vacation but so often it is the time spent at the hotel pool that elicits the most squeals of joy! Here are some easy and portable games & challenges for your hotel pool visits.

Foster Imagination with Battery-Free Toys *Check out this list of great gift inspiration for kids