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Our Blog Ambassador program brings together writers who are parents, educators, and more. They share ideas, experiences and feedback on a variety of topics including, early learning, education, creative play, parenting, new products and more. Our BAs are active, diverse, and influential. They are committed to working as a team on behalf of families and children, making learning fun and creative, inspiring imagination, and happiness. Read posts from their blogs (and ours) below!

Melissa & Doug Bloggers

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Blood Orange Coconut Zoku Pops Popsicles: 7 Must-Try Zoku Pops Recipes *These all sound AMAZING. Saving this for later.

3 Calming Breathing Exercises for Kids: Play the Birthday Candle Game. Make a fist and hold up your thumb. Now ask your child to “blow out the candle.” As your child blows, wiggle your thumb as if it is a candle flickering in the wind. Slowly bring your thumb down as if they candle is extinguished. When your child stops blowing, make a loud “POP” sound with your lips, and flick your thumb back up.

Celebrate the first day of summer vacation with your kids. Love this idea for making the whole season fun!

active learning activities for kids

3 Calming Breathing Exercises for Kids: Ask your child to BREATHE IN blue skies and BREATHE OUT gray skies.

Want to cook with your kids but don't know where to start? Check out this awesome resource for getting your kids learning basic cooking skills while expanding their food palette.

30 minute pork tenderloin stir fry. Orange sauce with broccoli and pea pods. Great family-friendly recipe that is gluten free and paleo friendly if you skip the cornstarch. Yum.

Garden vegetable cupcakes: what an awesome way to sneak some veggies into the kids! My kids said these were the best veggies they ever tasted. yummy.

Kid Made Jewelry Dish for Mom

How to Stop Yelling: Commit to Ice-Cream? *love this approach

Lemon garlic shrimp with roasted peppers and asparagus salad. Perfect light dinner or healthy lunch. Paleo friendly and gluten free recipe. YUM.

Too much screen time in your house? Check out these great ways to encourage your kids in outside play! Number 5 is the best.

Sponge Bombs are a great alternative to water balloons. Can be used over & over again!

5 Spring Drawing Tutorials For Kids With Kids: Learn to draw bunny rabbits, ladybugs, butterflies, baby chicks and spring flowers. *Love these video tutorials and printables

Adorable Egg Carton Daffodil Kids Craft + Book Educational List *I'm going to reserve some of these from the library today

How to Make a Simple Kite - step by step video tutorial. Love how easy this is! My kids will love this!!