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Poncho Knitting Patterns

I Want That Wrap button shawl poncho free knitting pattern and more free poncho knitting patterns

Poncho Knitting Patterns | In the Loop Knitting

The easiest knitted socks ever diy tutorial and pattern. I'm sure it's not the easiest but... Gotta try!

The Easiest Knitted Socks Ever DIY

simple knit shrug, free pattern at Purl Avenue

Simple Knit Shrug - Purl Avenue

Tasseled Garter Stitch Color Block Scarf Pattern - A Quick Cozy Knit Gift - flax & twine

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Textured pattern

Casting on in knitting Reticular

Love this poncho

Fever Cable Knit Poncho | Nordstrom


Beautiful Beginner Baby Blanket

Beautiful Beginner Baby Blanket - If you know anyone who is expecting a little bundle of joy, then you have to get started on the Beautiful Beginner Baby Blanket today. This classic ruffle blanket is made using both the garter stitch and the stockinette stitch, meaning you can make it no matter what your skill level is. If you've ever wanted to learn how to knit a blanket, but were too intimidated, making a baby blanket is a perfect stepping stone.

Beautiful Beginner Baby Blanket

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Mosaic Cowl

Mosaic Cowl PDF knitting pattern found on

Pam Powers Knits

Brasil Tricô & Crochêfrom Brasil Tricô & Crochê


gorgeous wrap

Brasil Tricô & Crochê - Handmade

Knitting Dailyfrom Knitting Daily

Walker Scarf

Interesting cable & ribbed scarf - free pdf

Walker Scarf - Media - Knitting Daily

I'm signing off with Salted - a flattering sweater by lovely Alicia Plummer, with just the perfect amount of detail to make this a timeless piece. Thanks for having me here on the board today - I hope you enjoyed the journey with me! ♥


A combination of knit, purl, and slipped stitches. The Diamond Honeycomb is quite an easy pattern enough to master.

Diamond Honeycomb


30 Days to Better Knitting: A Knitter's Master Class

Improve Your Knitting Skills: 30 Days to Better Knitting on

30 Days to Better Knitting: A Knitter's Master Class

Free pattern Headband

LIME RIOT: Panta - Headband or Christmas Panda? Part II

Chaleur Lifefrom Chaleur Life

Foxes are the New Owl

10 free knit and crochet fox patterns. Scarf, mittens, gloves, hat, socks. Now to just learn how to knit... Thanks @catroxy7!!!

Chaleur: Foxes are the New Owl

Reversible cable brioche stitch knit scarf

Ravelry: B0adicea's Reversible Cabled Brioche Stitch Scarf

How Did You Make This? | Luxe DIYfrom How Did You Make This? | Luxe DIY

Diagonal Basketweave Knitting Pattern

Diagonal Basketweave Knitting Pattern - How Did You Make This? | Luxe DIY

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Pam Powers Knitsfrom Pam Powers Knits

Quilted Lattice Ascot

Quilted Lattice Ascot PDF knitting pattern found on

Quilted Lattice Ascot

This simple knitting pattern makes a pretty herringbone or chevron design with nothing fancier than knits and purls. Suitable for novices. PATTERN: Cast on multiples of 8 | 1 - K1 p1 k1 p5 | 2 - K5 p1 k1 p1 | 3 - k1 p1 k5 p1 | 4 - k1 p5 k1 p1 | 5 - k1 p5 k1 p1 | 6 - k1 p1 k5 p1 | 7 - k5 p1 k1 p1 | 8 - k1 p1 k1 p5 | 9 - p4 k1 p1 k1 p1 | 10 - k1 p1 k1 p1 k4 | 11 - k3 p1 k1 p1 k2 | 12 - p2 k1 p1 k1 p3 | 13 - p2 k1 p1 k1 p3 | 14 - k3 p1 k1 p1 k2 | 15 - k1 p1 k1 p1 k4 | 16 - p4 k1 p1 k1 p1 |

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Little Scallops Baby/Toddler Hat | Free Knitting pattern via Ravelry

Ravelry: little scallops pattern by maria carlander

Free Pattern:

Ravelry: Pippilottta's Wellen Loop

Peace but Not Quietfrom Peace but Not Quiet

Easy Knitting Patterns -- Popcorn Baby Blanket

The popcorn baby blanket -- one of our easy knitting patterns that make an adorable baby blanket that's sure to be treasured for a long time!

Easy Knitting Patterns

10 1-Hour Projects! Sometimes, you need to make something for (nearly) instant gratification!

10 1-Hour Knitting Projects

Gattelin Rock stich: Cast on multiples of 4. Knit all right side (odd) rows. Row 2 and 4: p1k3 across. Row 6 and 8: k2, *p1k3 , repeat until 2 stitches remain end with p1k1. Repeat 8 rows for pattern. (Or for Row 6 and 8, start with a k1 and end with p1k2)

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UNKNITTING-The real challenge to your nerves comes when you need to undo your knitting for a few rows, but not back to bare yarn. If you want to make life easier for yourself, try this lovely trick:.

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