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curly hair love

So true! I spend the entire day running my fingers through my hair, it's the only time I get to! And then my friends will be like why do you always mess with your hair when its straightened BECAUSE I HAVE TO 😂😂😂

Curly Hair Problems

Curly Hair Problem Not buying sunglssses with nose-pieces, because they'd only get stuck in your hair when you put the glasses on your head being all swag n stuff.


7 Hair Expectations Vs Reality Scenarios… why i always wear my hair up. I hate doing my hair and always has the weirdest kink at the ends.

This is so true

Funny pictures about The story of my hair products. Oh, and cool pics about The story of my hair products. Also, The story of my hair products.

Beautiful Pin-Up hair-someday when i have the time to do this *sigh*

Pic I have taken inspiration from the hair no makeup on this picture. I love the shade of red lipstick and also the one curl in the hair. Originally I had been practising with two victory rolls but prefer this style.

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