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Melissa Adams
Melissa Adams
Melissa Adams

Melissa Adams

  • NC

Honey Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad - this fruit salad was AMAZING! Love that it doesn't use a heavy dressing so you can actually taste the fruit.

Birthday Cake Remix Brownies. These fudgy brownies were inspired by Coldstone's Birthday Cake Remix ice cream! DROOL. | blog.hostthetoast....

Truly appreciate those around you. You’ll never know how much they mean to you until the day they’re no longer beside you.

this is true with any kind of friendship/relationship. Just because we are no longer in eachother's lives does not mean I no longer care about you. The secret is i always will.

Naughty Brownies. They’re just brownies, …with caramel …and bourbon. It’s the way they present themselves that’ll getcha! Sticky, gooey dark Fudge Brownies gone wild are bursting with lava-like~Bourbon-soaked Caramel that will get all over you! This is not a grab-n-go Brownie…nope, you’ll need to commit with a spoon, a fork and possibly a napkin!

Chicken and Broccoli Grilled Burritos - In a rush? These grilled burritos filled with chicken and broccoli are done in a flash and are family friendly!

cute &easy way to do hair for work

DIY hair mask. Just did this to my hair before even pinning this. My hair hasnt looked this soft and shiny in a LONG time.

100 Great Date Night Ideas--From silly to sweet to flat-out scorching, we've got togetherness tips for your every mood.

Great tips for growing out, HEALTHY hair. Need to remember!

very cute and affordable clothes on this site

lessons from the pros: big, messy waves you'll be sad you didn't pin it