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How to make an old, ancient, rusty metal in Keyshot using the Material Graph

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an intricately designed card with the words happy new year written in gold ink on white paper
Pantone, Colour Palettes, Colour, Color, Colours, Color Palettes, Palette
MagnoliaandMill - Etsy
an advertisement for the british pavilion in red fort, which has been designed to look like it
Red Fort (Delhi)
A design of Red Fort (Delhi) by me using Figma.
Learn illustrator with ease
Learn illustrator #studyillustrator #design #illustration #ai
an advertisement for a car that is parked in the grass
lemons are being poured into a glass pitcher
Summer Sunshine Color Palette ☀️
Yellow Blue Sunshine Aqua Teal Crisp Linen Beige Limoncello Eucalyptus Color Palette perfect for summer and happy vibes
black and green leaves on an orange background
Sed Pro | Tropical Phone Wallpaper | 4K Phone Wallpaper
Dark Color Palette, Red Colour Palette, Color Swatches, Purple Color Palettes
color palette plants