Good drawing of elephant with its trunk up.

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This picture is a good example of texture because the way the artist painted the elephant's skin with all the different sized and depth wrinkles, you can imagine how the elephant's skin would feel even if you haven't touched an elephant before.

noch ein süßer Baby-elefant :-) Mama Elephant & Her Newborn

Mama and son

Mom and baby, so sweet. She keeps it close to her front legs, Her breasts are behing her fron legs. It's the safest place for a baby elephant for mom to protect it. They're such loving mothers. It's a joy to just watch them.

Amazing Sweet Elephant Family Tattoo Image

Amazing Sweet Elephant Family Tattoo Image

pencil drawings, mother and baby elephant:

Pencil Drawings Of Baby Elephants Pen and ink drawing of mama and baby elephant - print .

drawing of an elephant

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Realistic Elephant Sleeve | Best tattoo design ideas

Realistic elephant piece done by Italian tattoo artist Silvano .