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I love the semi colon tattoo as a symbol for continuing your story. These are such pretty alternative designs for a semi colon tattoo!

Baby Name Tattoos You'll Fall In Love With

Baby name tattoos are beautiful tributes to your children. Whether you have one or many, they will forever remind you how special and important being a mother or father truly is. So if you’re thinkin.

peonies #peonies #tattoo #ink I love this and want it!!!

Peony. (Tattoologist)

Peonies Tattoo (like the idea of a more "line art" tattoo with limited shading. Placement is awesome too!

Warrior Arrow Tattoo Design by Apocalypse Tattoo

43 Amazing Arrow Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female

30 Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female

would change aspects of this and draw a new design, but i love the idea.

I like this idea, perhaps intermingled with scales instead of hourglass. - Fantastic new artwork by Tattoos and Tattoo Art fan Martin Samuris . "Time is over".

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