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if it was love, it won't

It hurts. The hurt is how we know it was love. The absence we feel is proof that what we had is something that can be lost. And when does the hurt stop? If it was love, it won't. Ugh I hate summer holidays I miss my bf so much

lovelustquotes: “Or was it the right time and we weren’t meant to be… ”

Never a real relationship but one of the best times of my life. Challenging of course, but I'd give anything to be that in love again. Forever and always.

Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav three questions It was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me - said all at once. Just bought this book physically, but have had it for a month on my Nook and am still having trouble starting it, and it's only poems.

the devil was once an angel it's not easy to trust.

Few understand this about me. Like i was supposed to forget she's hard-wired to play word games.and always puts her journey and wants before anything with us.