genius..easy to clean hairbrush

I like the cheese cloth idea better, this rubber thing looks hard to put back in. If you like this brush, Here's a cheap DIY. put some cheese cloth on the brush and when it's full of hair just pull it off. - But seriously, whoever invented this brush is a

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 32 Pics

Cupcake scoop with built-in squeegee // Measures the same amount every time so that cupcakes bake evenly!

Scarf Hanger

Scarf Hanger Holder- Metal Scarf Storage, this would be good for the front door closet where I have all the winter scarfs.

Perfect Roll for Sushi, Sushi Roller!!

Perfect Roll for Sushi, Sushi Roller. Would love this once I can eat sushi again


I mustache you a question. should I hang your coat up on this mustache hanger? :D These are so cool!

theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac, $17.00 #birchbox Love this much better than actual lipstick

theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac® Lip and Cheek Stain

the balm cosmetics - stainiac - Beauty Queen. A stain for use on lips or cheeks. Personally, I love it as a blush.

Bibliochaise from Nobody & Co

If you are a fan of reading books and want a new way to store your books, check out these ideas. We have 10 creative bookshelf ideas for you.

@Nicole Underwood How handy is this?!? $17

Chicago Metallic Baking Essentials Cupcake/Batter Dispenser - OMG I can't believe this is a real thing! but what an awesome idea!