William Steiger — Fresh Rag

Water Towers, New York City by William Steiger “The rooftop water tank (required on all city buildings over six stories) has become synonymous with New York City,” says acclaimed artist William Steiger. “Each time I see these towering structures I.

London, Old City Plan ca. 1700, Hollar, De La Feuille, De Ram, De Wit, Van Der Aa : All Maps

"Londini Angliæ Regni Metropolis" is based on Hollar's 1675 map of London, which was copied and altered by De La Feuille in De Ram in and De Wit in to commemorate the Glorious Revolution of

map installation in Berlin

Hells teeth, i love a map. map installation in Berlin - map (scale of ) of Berlin installed on Museum Island in 2012 to commemorate the anniversary of the city’s founding

Untitled - Federico Hurtado

untitled - federico hurtado surreal collage art , scientists looking at the moon

Carved surface of an ostrich egg shows the oldest known map of the New World | 1504

One Carved Globe on a Circle of an Ostrich Egg. The carved surface of this ostrich egg shows what is thought to be the oldest known map of the New World.

models of the moon - Retronaut

Scientists study the phases of the moon on lunar models in preparation for an eventual manned flight to moon, February Photographer: Fritz Goro. I want those moon models

Rose Shaped Map of Bohemia

Rose Shaped Map of Bohemia, 1677 - “A map that shows Bohemia as a stylised Hapsburg rose. The stem firmly connects the flowering Bohemian rose to the fertile soil of Vienna, the Habsburg’s political centre. ( via Retronaut )

Old Map of Besancon,  the capital and principal city of the Franche-Comté region in eastern France.

Old Map of Besançon, the capital and principal city of the Franche-Comté region in eastern France, exposed in Museum of Time

Wright’s Celestial Map of the Universe (1742)

Thomas Wright's Celestial Map of the Universe, Universe Stars Antique map of the Solar System Measuring the Universe by Royal Observat.