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Warning for Parents: Look Out for 'Blue Whale Challenge'

How to enforce life skills that tech might be eroding

Here are five ways tech has nibbled away at valuable life skills and experiences -- such as courtesy, conversation, being bored and appreciating simple pleasures -- and what parents can do about it.

Japan's deputy prime minister blames women 'not giving birth' for declining population

Japanese deputy PM apologizes for latest controversial Nazi comments

One of Japan's top leaders has apologized for making controversial remarks about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Judge: Democrat Bob Menendez Must Face Corruption Charge in Court ~ Menendez, facing bribery, fraud charges, fails to get case dismissed

DOJ details case against New Jersey senator

Private jets lavish getaways: The case against US senator

Police arrest man they say planned to kill French President Emmanuel Macron at Bastille Day parade

Macron faces test with French labor reforms

Macron faces key test as France outlines labor reforms

Vettel extends title lead in Ferrari one-two

Vettel: 'My hunger to win is greater than ever'

Vettel: 'My hunger to win again is greater than ever'

Best Party Dresses For You Best Party Dresses, Dress For You, Lotion, Bottle, Flask, Lotions, Jars, Cream

Best Party Dresses For You

If you are just an average person that seldom attends parties, choosing an ideal party dress can be a daunting task for you. There is a desire deep down each of us that wants to be applauded and ap…

Female patient flown to burn center after vape pen incident in Herndon, officials say

Top Qualities Of The Best E-Liquids

Do you love vaping? If yes, then you will agree that e-juices play a great role in enhancing the experience. Whether you are a starter or experienced in vaping, you will get some to suit you. Buyin…