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Clementines for Halloween party at school - love it! Simple & healthy

Clementine Pumpkins - use a Sharpie to make a face on clementines as a Halloween party snack idea. Love this healthy snack idea for Halloween!

halloween decor

Mouse Motel

Ah, an unusual Halloween pumpkin or jack-o-lantern with mice or rats from Martha Stewart Living where they actually call it a mouse motel, LOL.

Halloween party, look out for frozen hands in the punch!   Freeze a plastic glove.    Part of me says  Ewwww.  Part of says... way cool. !!!  - Full DIY and recipe at link.

Take a plastic examination glove, preferably a powderless one and fill with water (use red food coloring to make it look bloody). Freeze and then peel off the glove to leave a hand shaped ice cube to float in your punch bowl.

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