Mohammed Nabil

Mohammed Nabil

Tripoli/ Libya / You can't change the world, but you can make a difference.
Mohammed Nabil
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Lumia 920

My Nokia Lumia 920 for Windows Phone 8 has officially blown my mind. Live tiles, tap+send, seamless integration of notifications from all sources and xbox smart glass. This phone is Made.

Lumia 1020

Nokia lumia 1020 was announced to be released in July, 2013 with and network working on micro SIM. This smartphone has dimensions of x x mm weighing around 158 g.

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The Batpod

Seen this on Dark Knight, Will we? The Batpod was designed for the film by Nathan Crowley and supported by high-performance, radiator, single-cylinder engine - is directed to the bottom for quicker acceleration and without the exhaust pipe.